Our Internationnal activities

A network of partners and international skills

Business leaders:

you manage an international activity and you are having difficulties with foreign contractors? Or, conversely, your own a foreign company and you are in conflict with a French company?


does your firm advise and assist companies with international activities?

Mediation and Arbitration fully meet the requirements of international business:

  • Speed,
  • Process flexibility,
  • Choice of multi-cultural mediators or arbitrators,
  • Mediators and arbitrators specialized in your field of activity,
  • etc.

CMAP develops an international network enabling it to respond effectively to companies requests and needs, whether they relate to training needs or conflict resolution and management.

Through our cooperation in Europe and all over the world and with bi-cultural mediation services, our idea is simple: to offer reassuring management and conflict resolution services of the highest quality to companies involved in international business.

CMAP also develops its international presence by assisting local operators in the creation and / or the development of mediation and arbitration centers, thus contributing to the emergence of consistent international standards.

We also regularly offer our support to European authorities and international organizations to promote the development of worldwide alternative dispute resolution methods.