Preventive counselling

Anticipating disputes for prudent business management

The probability that a dispute will arise in a contractual relationship is relatively high. It is therefore advisable to anticipate its occurrence by providing ways of resolving it from the beginning of the relationship.

… by inserting suitable clauses in your contracts

When drawing up your contracts, and terms and conditions, as well as Company statutes, pay particular attention to the dispute resolution clauses.

In addition to or to replace traditional legal action, it is possible to insert mediation and/or arbitration clauses.

You can download our model clauses, which can be included unchanged or adapted to your requirements. If you would like to have personalized advice about dispute management clauses, feel free to contact us, we will be very happy to help and support you.

…by drawing on experts for sensitive projects

Difficulties associated with disputes have a marked effect on complex projects. Tools to prevent and resolve these disputes are increasingly used by participants in a project during its planning phase.

With this in mind, The CMAP draws on the best specialists:

  • In project management, notably in the IT and civil engineering sectors
  • In change management in large industrial and commercial organizations
  • In the management of multi-cultural teams (technical background, business background, and culture of countries of origin)

To find out more, please contact us.