Our strength is our thorough knowledge of our main target: companies.

Created to resolve company disputes effectively, CMAP provides training that is designed to meet their needs. CMAP is involved with company disputes on a daily basis, and can therefore create role pays and exercices based on this unique experience. It is also by seeing mediators, arbitrators, experts and third-party assessors in action, that training is enhanced and that our trainers are able to share the fruit of their rare experience.

Each training course has its own characteristics. A good arbitrator is not trained in the same way as a good mediator, but as you will have understood, what all our training courses have in common is to concentrate on practicality and real-life situations. Because this is also CMAP’s trademark: be relevant, to allow everyone to obtain the most benefit and be able to put it to use immediately.

Mediation training

CMAP offers a complete range of mediation courses, created to meet the specific requirements of each sector.

Our training staff has created training programs:

Arbitration training

CMAP organizes arbitration courses two or three times a year, for all professionals who would like to understand the spirit and method of arbitration. To find out more, click here.

Customized training

CMAP is ready to work with businesses, institutions, associations and lawyers to create tailor-made training courses, in accordance with their formal requirements, such as:

  • Be the best support for your client in mediation
  • Create a company dispute resolution committee
  • Make employees aware about dispute management
  • Etc