A business

The CMAP was created in 1995 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, in a resolutely focused business approach.

This is why the CMAP has developed solutions to assist you in managing your conflicts:

The CMAP assists you in finding answers adapted to each situation and that meet the expectations and needs of the parties. These solutions are based on the CMAP’s fundamental principles.

… By saving time

Business pace requires effective conflict management. While a legal action lasts several years, mediation helps to find a solution in a few weeks and arbitration usually completes within six to twelve months. Limitation periods being suspended during mediation, it is possible to resume the proceeding if the mediation fails.

… keeping control

Because mediation is voluntary, you are in charge and check the progress of the process through which the mediator guides you. You do not suffer from the calendar or from the risks of legal proceedings since you set the pace and the outcome.

In arbitration, you contribute actively to the designation of the arbitration tribunal members, you choose the law applicable to the procedural, the language and the place of the procedure, etc. You also define with the arbitration tribunal the schedule of proceedings and the date on which the award is to be rendered.

… And confidentially