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Magistrates : the guarantors of a high-quality system of justice

Testimonial “We were before the Court of Appeal and our positions seemed irreconcilable after all these years. The magistrate suggested a mediation. We reluctantly accepted the proposition made by the judge, but I must say with hindsight that the magistrate had correctly identified the real issues of our dispute and was right to push us in this direction. The mediator’s work was extraordinary. While we were the requesting party, we found a much better and satisfying agreement through mediation. We were able to settle the dispute and rebuild on solid ground. We could start working together again”. (Testimony from a company which was in litigation with its supplier after a complicated termination of their commercial relations).

The CMAP is the French leader in the development of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. For over twenty years, its members have worked hand in hand with many jurisdictions in order to promote the use of alternative means, in close collaboration and under the supervision of magistrates.

Mediation at the heart of the 21st century’s justice

The most recent French and European reforms encourage ADR methods and emphasizes their importance in modern justice.

The March 11, 2015 decree provides that all subpoena must specify “the steps taken to reach an amicable resolution before filing the claim in court.”

Beyond the debates about the practical consequences of such provision, the message of the ministry of Justice is clear: a place must be made to ADR. The judges are at the heart of this new paradigm. This same decree also amended Article 127 of the Civil Procedural Code which now states that ‘if no procedures oblige the companies to find an amicable resolution to their conflict, in accordance with Articles 56 and 58, the judge can propose conciliation or of mediation to the parties. “

CMAP at your side to help you in your justice mission

The CMAP is unique in France. It is composed of lawyers and advisors such as law professors and honorary judges. The CMAP guarantees the appointment of trained and qualified mediators and the respect of the rules the mediation.

CMAP’s team

Our team includes a dedicated ADR section (for “Alternative Dispute Resolution”) composed of lawyers who manage all the cases and procedures and assist the mediators and arbitrators for any question which arises. The ADR section allows the capitalization of the all CMAP’s experience.

As a result, each judge has a dedicated and personalized interlocutor for each CMAP case. Thus guaranteeing customized, qualitative and skilled support.

CMAP’s advisors

For specifically complex and technical questions regarding the implementation of alternative dispute resolution, CMAP refers to former judges and renowned academics as adivsors. To learn more about our advisors.

CMAP’s mediators

CMAP has more than a hundred duly accredited mediators. In order to be accredited by CMAP, all mediators were trained, evaluated, certified and approved. Mediators come from all sectors and from various professional backgrounds. For example, our panel includes entrepreneurs , managing directors, auditors, former judges and many others. This enables us to meet all parties’ needs.

CMAP helps the judge and / the parties to choose the appropriate mediator. The judge and the parties are asked to determine the mediator’s selection criteria. At this phase, the magistrate’s knowledge of the case is key.

On this basis, our Mediation Committee shortlists three mediators within 24 to 48 hours. This list is provided to the judge who takes the final decision, unless he/she wants to leave it to the parties or to CMAP.

How do I select the cases for mediation?

It may appear difficult to assess whether or not to refer a case to mediation.

Are there any sectors or conflict types that are better than others? Should some cases not go to mediation ?

All those questions and others are legitimate. Feel free to contact us and our team will assist you in this crucial step. You can trust our 20 years of successful experience with all tribunals and courts.

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