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Mediation for associations?

Associations and charities of any nature may have disputes, with its partners or even internally. Please be sure to check our ADRs to find the one that best suits you. Inter-company mediation equally applies to you for your disputes with businesses (MEDIATION INTER), and the intra-mediation also applies for your internal disputes (MEDIATION INTRA).

Consumer protection not-for-profit organizations

As a national consumer protection not-for-profit organizations (? Https://, your mission is to help consumers solve conflicts in their everyday life. Amicable settlement is one of the most efficient solutions to end a conflict, which seems to be favored by consumers.

Consumer mediation has become a legal requirement since January 1st, 2016 (August 20th, 2015 transposing into national law Directive 2013/11 / EU dated 21st of May 2013 related to consumption alternative dispute resolution).

Thus, any business in relation with consumers will have to choose and declare a mediator or a mediation center as from the 1st of January 2016.

Moreover, many world consumption actors express the need to turn to external mediation, with a neutral third party, especially in light of the French “class action”. These cases have led the CMAP to develop a collective mediation regulation.

A quick and effective solution …

The CMAP has repeatedly been referred to, to help solve collective disputes in areas such as telecom, banking or insurance.

Success story: In a litigation between a major financial institution, a consumer protection non profit organization, and a group of consumers who had contracted loans with the bank leading to a dispute, a mediation agreement was reached in only five months. The situation of nearly 2000 people was solved! Not to mention the cost saved compared to years of trial and the economic impact avoided … What better illustration to demonstrate that mediation is a pragmatic way to ensure the settlement of mass claims?

… Thanks to trained and independent professionals

CMAP’s mediators have very different profiles which allows the parties to choose the mediator they want according to their wishes, whether they are looking for someone with a legal or technical background or with a very particular skill or with experience in a specific field… The choice is yours

CMAP accompanies the parties throughout the procedure, from their initial contact until the conclusion of their agreement.

We guarantee:

  • No conflict of interest
  • The compliance of the procedure
  • The mediator’s impartiality, skills, independence and kindness

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