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Today’s France faces an important legal reform, called J21, that lawyers simply cannot ignore. It is expected of them to offer a wide range of solutions to their customers, and avoid the traditional court proceeding, contentious route. They must also guide their clients towards the most appropriate solutions, amng which are often mediation and arbitration.

The CMAP was created in 1995 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris. The courts of Paris and of the Hauts-de Seine (a district neighbouring Paris to the west) are among its founding members. Lawyers are at the heart of the center’s development and communication efforts. Alternative dispute resolution methods have gradually become familiar to these professionals.

Why resort to the CMAP?

The CMAP is the most experienced mediation center in France and is the only one to have a dedicated team composed of lawyers and renowned experts. People rely on the CMAP to find a peaceful settlement and end the dispute. Our internal rules also guarantee the independence and the impartiality of the persons we appoint. All our procedures are placed under the scrutiny of the commissions throughout their existence.

Relying on the CMAP is also the opportunity to define the selection criteria of the mediator, expert or / arbitrator. Be certain to have a certified professional by your side.

In which cases can I contact the CMAP?

Regardless of the industry concerned, think about these alternative for your customers. Beyond its mediation and arbitration services, the CMAP can also offer independent, technical or legal evaluations, {amicable expertise} to able you to give the most appropriate answer to your customer. Please contact us for additional information.

We will help you advise your customers.

What is the difference between mediation and arbitration?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which the third party (the mediator) does not choose the solution to solve the dispute. He guides the parties towards an amicable solution by using different techniques. For more information about mediation. You can also have recourse to us for mediation.

Arbitration enables parties to choose the judge(s) that will settle their dispute, by specifying on the one hand what skills and qualities are important to them, and on the other hand what legal framework is to be applied. Thus, the case can be treated in an amicable fashion or be solved by law. If the parties have signed an arbitration clause, they must use arbitration to solve their conflict. The parties can also use mediation before or during the arbitration process. If no arbitration clause has been signed, the parties can decide by common consent to submit their conflict to an arbitrator. Both parties must sign an arbitration agreement and / or turn to the CMAP.

The CMAP’s other offers

Beyond mediation and arbitration services, the CMAP can offer you other solutions such as amicable dispute resolution, legal independent assessment, decision on final offer or emergency decision. They will enable you to give the most appropriate answer to your customer. The CMAP also provides tailor-made assistance for situations that require it. We are here to help you, contact us.

The CMAP’s offer in practice

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