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The CMAP was created in 1995 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris in order to provide business alternative dispute resolution solutions to help them focus on their growth. Mediation is also an efficient dispute resolution mechanism for employees in the management of their disputes with their employers.

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Conflicts are inherent to any human organization. They are an integral part of business/professional life. A tensed economic context, hyper rationalization of work, organizational changes, provide fertile ground for conflicts.

However, such disputes can be an opportunity, in a constructive approach, to start on a new basis or to refine /define some rules.

Moreover, in a view to maintain or improve the social climate, identifying conflicts early and knowing how to manage them effectively is a major advantage.

Indeed, “Intra-company” mediation (or “social matters mediation”) can be used in many cases:

  • Before a conflict and as soon as relational difficulties arise
  • To accompany a team in a change process
  • For collective conflicts
  • In cases where the employment may be or has been terminated
  • At a prelitigation stage. The Macron Act allows the use of conventional mediation for disputes relating to employment contracts (Art.258, III and IV);
  • During or after court proceedings and decision

… For the best results

Mediation enables employees and employers to:

  • Prevent and manage interpersonal or collective conflicts
  • Maintain or restore dialogue:
    • Between employees
    • Within a team,
    • Between managers and employees
  • Fight against psycho social risks and discrimination
  • Provide answers to harassment situations and work sufferance situations
  • Try and solve prelitigation situations or tribunal disputes

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